Draw A Stickman Pro App Reviews

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Its ok

Dont buy it!

Its the most bad app! :(

Dont get

This is a total rip off. It is less then a minuet to finish the game I paid money for nothing what does PRO!!! Mean I could get the exact same thing for free! It told me to buy another game on top of this one to finish it I am very upset!

Not what I expected.

Poorly developed. Not what I expected. Everything is pre-planned. It tells you what to draw.

Dont buy!

This is the exact same version as the free game. Waste of money!

Fun game!

My kids love this app! Cant wait for the next installment.

Great fun

I loved it i hope a new episode comes out soon.


Easy to use. Keeps my grandchildren entertained.


More, please. Many more. Five-star concept.


Grandkids love this game.

Great for kids

Keeps my daughter occupied in the car

Hours of fun

At times I have to pry the iPad from my sons hands when he is playing this!

Good app

Good but its to short of a game and laggy and I cant draw a good stick figure in the small space u give me

Stick Man Fun

A lot of fun. Be as creative as you want. Need more Stickman episodes. Two is not enough!

Draw a stickman is awesome

Draw a stickman is awesome but its to short.

Are you kidding me?

This game is cute and a great concept, okay, but it took about a minute and a half to finish... (not exaggerating). Ive never actually felt cheated by an app before now!

The same one

This game is the same at least they should put up to a 5th episode


So much fun! I love this app!!!!!

Create a movie

They should create a movie


Fun, fun, fun!

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